Be a Matchmaker

What can your donation achieve?

The answer is a lot more than you think. It takes five people to make a successful match: the Big, the Little, the parent, the professional match advisor and YOU, the donor!

It costs $1,200 annually to make and support just one match. As a Matchmaker, your Gift will be put to immediate use underwriting the cost of a match and helping the most vulnerable young people in our communities reach their potential.

Boys and girls matched with a “Big” stay in school, off drugs and out of trouble with the law. Additionally, the good done lasts a lifetime as these Little Brothers and Sisters grow up and take their place as productive contributing citizens. What better way to put your generosity to work and start a young person on the path to success then becoming a Matchmaker!

As a Matchmaker, you will receive periodic information about the Big/Little Match that you are supporting, their progress, activities and adventures. Become a Matchmaker today!

Become a Matchmaker!

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